Institute of Credit Management

 The home for all professionals in Credit Management


The Institute of Credit Management -Kenya (ICM-K) is a Kenyan based professional Body representing credit professionals.

It was founded on 18th June 2001 and awarded legal status as per the Kenyan laws.

The Institute is a professional body organization dedicated to advancing good principals of excellent Credit Management in Kenya

The main objective of the Institute of Credit Management is to raise professional standards in Credit Management all over the country and to increase the awareness of the importance of the Credit function with its  vital role in improving marketing, profitability, cash flow and debt management processes.

Our Vision


 “To be an Institute of Professionals dedicated to Prudence and excellence in Credit Management”

Our Mission

Committed to promoting professionalism in credit management through research and development to all aspiring credit professionals in Kenya and globally.

Our objectives

  • Promote credit professionalism for the benefit of all members and uplift the standards of Credit Management in the country.
  • To improve the corporate image of the Institute by positively entrenching itself in Kenya
  •  To inculcate the highest ethical standards in Members, and to maintain such standards
  •  To work closely with all stakeholders ranging from Government, employers and their employees, trade unions, societies towards the improvement of Credit management standards
  • To be responsible for the education and training of all people who are active in credit consumption as detailed in our education and training policies and procedures.
  • To participate in developing and implementing policies leading to good governance of credit

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism in credit management
  • Empowering the credit professionals
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Support our leaders, encourage our peers and develop our people
  • To openly and proactively share knowledge



The Institute of Credit Management- Kenya is strongly of the opinion that there is need to create more professionalism in the credit management in all sectors of the economy. The credit manager is today a major player in the organizations business activities. It therefore leaves no doubt that the credit professional will be called upon more often to deal with the today challenges related to credit issues.

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